Our Aims & Objectives

Our Centre will aim to:
  • Provide a comfortable and supportive environment for parents, staff and children and strive for open communication and good relations between all parties
  • Provide a safe environment
  • Provide a clean environment
  • Provide a caring environment
  • Provide a friendly and welcoming environment
  • Provide high quality care for children
  • Have equipment and facilities that are suitable to the needs and abilities of the school aged children
  • Encourage good nutrition through the provision of nutritious snacks and by modelling healthy eating habits
In Relation to Parents:
  • To provide for the needs of parents who are working, looking for work, studying, or who need care on an occasional basis
  • To open for hours that allow parents to travel to and from that place of employment or study
  • To make parents feel welcome and valued
  • To accept and value every parent regardless of race, cultural background, sex or ability
  • To help parents feel confident in the centre’s quality of care for their children
  • To keep parents informed and updated in issues relating to the service
  • To encourage parent involvement in decision on policy and programming issues
  • To encourage feedback and input from parents in relation to the program, policies or other issues relating to the centre
  • To encourage open communication between parents, staff and management
  • To meet the current needs of parents through continual update and review of relative issues
In Relation to Children:
  • To accept and value every child regardless of race, cultural background, religion, sex or ability
  • To maintain positive communication and relationships between staff and children
  • To encourage individual interests
  • To foster children’s independence and self-help skills
  • To provide children with opportunities for self -expression and self-direction
  • To provide an environment that will foster the child’s self esteem
  • To help children develop self-discipline skills through positive example and direction
  • To help children appreciate and care for each other and their surroundings
  • To encourage children to be involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of activities in the centre
  • To develop a mixed program which is appropriate to the development and leisure needs of all individuals and reflects the centre’s cultural diversity
  • To provide a place for children to play with friends
  • To encourage children to participate in decisions about the centre
In Relation to staff:
  • To create an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere for the staff which encourages personal initiative and co-operation
  • To help develop mutual respect, courtesy and understanding for all
  • To provide support and assistance where needed
  • To provide relevant training and development
  • To ensure staff are aware of all expectations and duties
In Relation to the Community:
  • To provide for the changing needs of the local community
  • To be sensitive to the needs of the residents around the centre in relation to parking, noise and other considerations
  • To ensure the cultural diversity of our community is valued and respected
  • To develop positive relationships with local schools, neighbours and other relevant groups in the area
  • To keep the relevant groups informed of any major changes within the centre
  • To keep up to date with any current issues in the local area
  • To participate, where possible, in community events