Holy Spirit OSHC operates in accordance with the policies that have been developed for our Centre. Our policies are reviewed and updated regularly, to ensure that we are providing a safe and high quality service for our families.

The following points are sections from our policies that we think are important for all of our families to know when the enrol at the Centre. Please take the time to read through and familiarise yourself with these policies. A full list of our policies in available upon request at the Centre.

Fire Policy
The Centre has a fire drill procedure.  Fire drill notices are located throughout the Centre.

  • Downstairs (3 notices):  Parent Notice Board, the wall where the children hang their bags and the wall along the back corridor.
  • Upstairs (1 notice): Parent Notice Board as you get the top of the stairs.

A fire drill will be carried out regularly (once a term).  A Fire Drill procedure form is completed by the Centre Director and filed for reference.


Sun Protection Policy
The Centre staff will insist on all children being appropriately protected against the sun.  Parents should inform their children of the need to protect their skin against the sun by wearing hats and using sunscreen. Sunscreen is provided by the Centre.  It is the responsibility of the child to apply the sunscreen with the assistance of Centre staff. Children who do not have hats will not be allowed to play outside.


Administration of Medication Policy
If a child has a condition that requires medication, however occasional, parents must complete and sign the relevant form.


Complaints Policy


A – Administration and Management

B – Facilities and Equipment

C – Staff Policies

D – Health and Safety

E – Programming